Monday, May 12, 2008

Not Much New...

John and I got to enjoy more Hawaiian sunshine last week while in beautiful Maui. We totally met Hyde from "That 70's Show"! Since I forgot my camera, I have no pictures EXCEPT the picture the photographer took of me and Stephen. Pretty sweet, right? No swimming with sea turtles, no Spinner Dolphins pirouetting by the Katamarran, no beautiful sunsets on the beach, just me and Hyde hangin out. A big thanks to the wonderful Wallace family for taking care of our kiddies. They did a great job and the kids didn't even seem to know we were gone. Ok, that's not entirely true, but they had a great time with the Wallaces. John and I had fun, too.

We are still in limbo about our move. We have decided that if we are "allowed" to go to Texas, we will move, but if Georgia is our only moving option, we will stay. The staying strategy is kind of a gamble, but we really don't want to move all the way to the East coast. Kansas is already far enough away from our families.

Avery celebrated her 4th birthday on April 28th. Yeah Dolly! Here she is with two of her friends, Sage and Mia, at Pump It Up. She bounced around with 7 cute little girls for 2 hours and had the time of her life. Being the center of attention is where it's at.

Addy and I attended the Bon Jovi concert at the Sprint Center in downtown KC on April 23rd. It was awesome! We got to sit in the Sprint suite with fab seats and free eats. That Jon can still shake his thang! We both had a blast.

The kids only have 2 weeks of school left and they are pretty stoked. I am pretty stoked. Sleeping in until 9 for 2.5 months!!!! Sweet!!! I can't think of anything else exciting. Kerry, it you read this, I am sorry for not calling on your birthday. For some reason, it just totally hit me that your birthday was last week while I was out of town and I am feeling really guilty and lame right now. I should definitely call you in the very near tonight.....or tomorrow. I saw on Lex's blog that you got 2 more cats and I'm feeling a little bit hurt about that...I will never be able to have a sleepover party at your house now):