Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Stevens' Family in Dallas

Well, we made it and it has been a tough week for all of us, mostly Addy though. Texas is where we ultimately wanted to end up so we can't complain that Heavenly Father has answered our silent prayers and blessed us with this opportunity. But none of us thought it would be quite so soon after moving to Kansas. We all miss our friends dearly, especially Addy who literally cries spontaneously several times a day because she misses Madeline so much. It's so hard to find a pea from the same pod, then have to part ways. My heart goes out to my sweet daughter and it makes me so sad to see her unhappy. I pray every day that she will find peace and make some new friends quickly. I know Madeline is not replaceable (which I would never even suggest!) but I hope Addy can find someone she likes even half as well.

This week was full of errands, sign-ups, and lots of running around. God bless tele-nav! It has been a life-saver this week. Since our house won't be ready until mid-September, we are staying in an apartment until that time. It's not ideal, but it's only for a few weeks and the kids are being really understanding in that regard. We go check out the house every couple of days to see what's been done, and that's fun to see. We went over today and all the tile has been put in as well as trim work painted, granite set, fence up, and lighting fixtures in place.

Our new ward here in Dallas is the Lake Cities Second Ward. We met so many great people today at church and the kids were thrilled to spend a few hours with kids their age. All 3 were greeted very warmly and seemed to enjoy new teachers and classes. We even got a dinner invite for this evening! Much to our children's dismay, John and I were too exhausted to accept.

All 3 kids have met their school teachers for next year which got them enthused to start school Tuesday. Well, Avery won't start til next week, but she is the most excited of all 3. She will

start preschool and you'd think she was going to Disneyland the way she talks about it.

I got great news on Saturday as well!!! We are pregnant with our fourth!!! Just kidding. That wouldn't actually be great news cuz I'm so done. But I really did get great news. My Kerry is coming to visit me at the end of September!!! It was the best news I could have possibly recieved yesterday after such a crazy, exhausting, and emotionally trying week. I got her text and seriously almost cried. Kerry is one of the those amazing people who lifts your spirits without even trying. It is harder to make friends as you get older and I feel so blessed to have forged the strong bond of friendship that Kerry and I have at this point in our lives. She is like a sister to me in all the good ways. She is just so awesome and even though she is pregnant with her 3rd (BOY!) and will be going into her 6th month, she is coming to visit us. You are the greatest Ker, I love you!!!

Amidst the chaos last week, we were able to do a few fun things. The pool at the apartment is super fun and we did some swimming. We also made a trip downtown to the aquarium. It was awesome! The kids had a blast and there was quite a variety of animals both land and sea. We particularly enjoyed the manatees, river otters, and butterflies. Check out our pictures!

Love you all and will post soon!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Our New Texas Pad

Here are some pics for your viewing enjoyment....The first is the "Chooch" crew minis, Jack and Avery passed out on the couch due to late night parental-gaming-blisss. The second is Avery and her BBF, Mia. The third is Avery and her new baby pony, CC, fresh from the DFW. The fourth is going on record as the best picture of me EVER! Is that hot, or what? We were lighting off fire-works in the church parking lot.....I mean um, some, um random deserted parking lot out in the boon-docks of Missouri with no Christian orientation and Cortney caught this sassy shot of me enjoying my sparkler a little too much. NICE! And 5th, Addy and her BBF Madeline at the same random unknown parking lot post fourth of July celebratory event. Good times, people, good times!!!

Well, John and I spent a very long weekend in Dallas looking over at LEAST a million different houses. Ok, maybe 50, but it really felt like more. We finally settled on one of the first that we looked at. We just didn't want to rule out any options! Our house is nestled in the beautiful master-planned community of Lantana. Lantana is just North of Flowermound. I'm adding a link so you can check it out:

As sad as I am to leave my friends here in KC, it sure feels good to have some direction. Here is a link to the model home of our builder, Newport Homes. Take the model tour (it's in green on the far right side of the page with a little house icon). The floor plan is the same as our home, but the elevation is a little different:

I listed a bunch of furniture on Craig's List last night and my phone has been freakin ringing NON-STOP. I have literally sold almost everything I posted in less than 24 hours. I must have priced stuff way too low. Go Craig's List! It is most awesome.

Hey, guess what else! I have decided to have my dining furniture faux painted a distressed off white. I am really excited! Hopefully it won't turn out completely heinous.

Oh, and I just finished the most hillarious book ever. I really like Christopher Moore even though the language can be a little rough. So if you are offended by a few f-bombs here and there, you shouldn't read this book I am recommending even though the awesomeness is off the charts!!! It is called "You Suck" (a vampire love story). Seriously, I was laughing the entire time I read it. He is the most enertaining author I have ever experienced. If you want to check it out, I picked it up at Costco (my shopping haven). You know it's an addiction when all the cashiers call you by your first name.