Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Spa-rific Diva-tastic Fashion-ista 7th bday party

Happy 7th Birthday Avery Sue Bob Joe!!! Avery celebrated her 7th bday on the 28th. Our out going, exhuberant, fun-loving, fashion-forward, lovable, baby diva is getting so old!! We had a hard time deciding what kind of party to have this year so we combined some of Avery's favorite things and came up with the Spa-rific, Diva-tastic, Fashion-ista Birthday party of awesomeness!! 12 of Avery's friends came over for a day at the spa, fun games, glamorous make-overs, and some serious freeze dancin'. Addy and 6 of her friends dressed up our master bed and bath like a real spa from treatment centers to relaxation zones to refreshment centers. They worked through the entire 4 hour party as spa techs giving facials, massages, manis, pedis, and make-overs and breaking only once for the build-your-own dessert crepe bar. The little girls were very touched to be so doted on by the big girls. Fun was had by all! Check out the pictures from our big event...