Saturday, March 13, 2010

Busy in pictures....

Life just keeps getting ahead of me. I wonder if that will ever stop happening. Probably not. Oh well, here are some fun pictures of what we've been doing the last 6-8 weeks.....

Addy's 12th Bday party:

Avery's Kinder field trip to the Science Enrichment Center at UNT:

Rock and Roll Valentine's Tea Party:

matching hearts game

Tea Party Pop Stars-A little freeze dance, a little balloon stompin', a little cootie chasing, and a lot of fun:

Thanks Danielle for these great pictures!! My friend Danielle Andrus is a GREAT photographer and she came to the party to help out and take photos for me.

Addy is our Volleyball Star:

John and I took Avery and her BFF Zaida to see Taylor Swift last night. She LOVES Taylor. This was a first concert for both of them. We all had a blast. Taylor can really put on a show and all the little girls just ate it up.