Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fall Flew By!!! It's almost time for a New Year!!!

Fall is just a crazy time of year. Out of all the crazy times, November and December are two months full of family, fun, Holidays, and work work work!!! We were soooooo blessed to have my sister and her family visit for Thanksgiving!!! The Harrisons came to Texas and we had a blast. Erik and Skyler were able to stay for 1 week while Julie and Johnny got to stay for two!! We had a great time just enjoying family togetherness. Seriously!! Skyler and Avery are inseparable when they are together and I love watching the two of them play. Their personalities are so similar so they get along really well and enjoy taking turns. A couple of little divas, those two. Johnny gets cuter every day!!!! I can't believe how much he has changed just since summer time. Even after having three of my own, it is surprising to see him look so different after just a few months. All of his cute rolls and noises, and babyness!!! Johnny was blessed while he was here which was very special for all of us. Wish they could have stayed forever!!!

December has been a blur. I would like to slow down this time of year and enjoy spending time with my family more, but it always feels rushed. Something I need to work on! So nice to have my parents close by for all the festivity. They are such huge helps to us and we all enjoy their never ending selflessness. We are enjoying our last week of Christmas break right now, then back to reality. Here are a few pictures from the last few months....

Honey Badger don't care.....but Dozer does. "Thanks for the wrapping paper, Stupid!!!"