Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hunger Games is Here!!!!

We had such a neat opportunity in March!! A couple of weeks before The Hunger Games movie came out, the actors were doing a mall tour to promote the movie (not like it needed much promoting). Peeta, Fox Face, and Clove came to one of our local malls and we were able to take a group of kids to go see the Q & A. We had such a blast!! The crazy Josh Hutcherson madness was very entertaining to watch. We got there early so we had really good positioning and once the actors came out, everyone there went craaaaaaazy. The kids had a blast-aside from the waiting-and were super pumped for the movie after the experience.

The waiting game....for the Hunger Games

The man, the myth, Josh Hutcherson. AAAAaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Avery had her last competition this March! She did an amazing job in her Charlie Brown dance. Look at that beautiful smile!! This month, she is moving on to cheer team at Excite. She is so excited!!!! Haha(;