Thursday, February 5, 2009

Super Bowl 43

John and his good Bro, Josh, went to Tampa for the Super Bowl this year. I heard it was fab. Here are pictures of their fabulous time. Word up.

Oh, and he also saw and anteater. Neat!

Addy had a birthday Shout HURRAY!

Addy is 11!!! Our baby Duba is growing into a beautiful young woman at the speed of light, right before our eyes. She is amazing in so many ways and we couldn't be more pleased with the great decisions she is making in her life. I love her independent spirit, her tendancy to go her own way, her uniqueness, her artistry, her desires to achieve greatness, and the way she smiles when she accomplishes a goal. I admire her incredible faith most of all. We love you Addy! Keep up the awesome! Enjoy some pages from Addy's first year!


and 11th bday party!