Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Funny Things Kids Say....

You know what, I miss these so much!!! My kids are getting older and they hardly ever make those blissfully ignorant comments that children make as they are growing and learning any more. I went to lunch with some friends today and we were talking a little bit about the funny things kids say and it made me a little nostalgic. Avery will pop out a hilarious statement every once in awhile and our girl talk made me think of a recent conversation she had with her friend Reagan while driving to a soccer game in our car. They were talking about Michael, Reagan's little brother who is a toddler, and the subject of babies came up. All of the sudden, Avery casually says to Reagan,
"Did you know that babies are born out of your vagina?"
Reagan with a look of absolute horror on her face, "What???!!!! No they're not!! Gross.......what's a vagina?"
At this point Avery opens her eyes really wide and points to her private area. Reagan stares at her like she's crazy and says, "you mean you poop the baby out???"
Avery says, "No, no, no, your OTHER private down there." Reagan is very skeptical about this and so she asks me, "Coach, do babies really get born out of your private?" I have been sitting there listening, trying not to laugh, and hoping that they will change topics before I am asked to comment on the discussion subject of babies and vaginas. Reagan has obviously not covered this territory with her parents yet, so I'm a bit hesitant to enlighten her any further. So much for remaining invisible...I had to quickly figure out how to spin this in a positive light. I tell Reagan, that yes, babies are born out of vaginas and it's actually not gross, but very, very special. God made women with the special ability to bear children and this is part of that miraculous process. When you first receive the baby-comes-out-of-the-vagina information, it may sound yucky because our bodies are sacred and we don't talk about our privates with other people. But once you are married and old enough to consider children, you appreciate the dynamics a lot more. Then, I instruct her to ask her mom if she has any further questions on the subject. Also, I remind Avery that when we first had the baby convo, I told her it wasn't a topic she should discuss with her friends because not every body has that convo with their parents at the same time. Many parents will not appreciate their child receiving their how-to-baby information from another 6 year-old. She can come to Dad and Mom to talk about it any time, no problem. But no one else. Avery is very "ah shux" about the situation, she forgot of course because we talked about this last year and she didn't remember me telling her it was a mom and dad only topic. I guess I will need to start reminding her quarterly what topics are and are not on the list of appropriate friend-telling information. She's pretty cute.

Not much new in Stevensville. Kids are all great, having my mom and dad here is beyond great, the hubby is great. Life's just pretty great. We have been having wonderful weather and enjoying more outside time the past few weeks. Avery is our outdoorsy child so bike riding and roller blading have been good entertainment. John has been traveling less and we all love the extra John time. During spring break we went out to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Refuge and that was, as always, entertaining. If you have never been to Fossil Rim, check it out at It is the biggest African wildlife refuge in the western hemisphere. And who doesn't like feeding giraffes!!! The kids are anxious for pool season to begin and Avery is already planning are bday swim party for the end of the month. Here comes summer!! Yeeeeeha!!!