Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Dream Come True

I have loved Bono for many, many years. Since I was 14, U2 has been one of my favorites. Their inspiring music spans decades and reaches out to people of all ages. The humanitarian work that they do changes lives every minute of every day. This is a band that makes a difference. They don't just sing about the unification of our world in all things, they work to make unification and change happen.

Considering my passion for this band, it is strange to think that I have never before last Monday night, seen them in concert. I was some what of a ooncert junkie as a teenager and young adult. But the elusive U2 concert was always just beyond my reach either location wise or financially. I'm not sure how many times they have toured during my life, I'm just amazingly grateful to have finally seen them live. I know I'm a wife, and a mother, and a thirty-something, but I still get a little crazy when it comes to good music.

Bono completely sold out the new Cowboys stadium here in Dallas. There must have been a million people there, it was insane. And with the Muse opening???? Hello!!! Heaven on earth! The musically gifted Matthew Bellamy of the Muse got the party started. What a genius! He is so talented!! The crowd was ready when U2 took the stage and the experience was sureal for me. I know I'm 14 here, but I swear seeing Bono and the Edge right there in front of me, live, in person.....words cannot describe the feeling. Mesmerizing! Euphoric! Phenomenal! My Dallas BFF Pam joined me for the evening and we had such a blast. U2 played just about every one of my favorite songs. Seriously, if I could have picked the music line-up for Bono, the concert couldn't have been more perfect.

Kudos to my wonderful husband and his phat connections for getting us fab seats. I love you Babe!! This is one of the best gifts you've given me. Enjoy some concert pix....