Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hey Mohn! We are back from the Caymohns!

We just got back from a relaxing, yet fun trip to Grand Cayman. From snorkeling to beach bummin' we made the most out of our great little island getaway. Check out some of the things we did and the places we saw:

The Cayman Turtle Farm has been in operation for over 40 years! They have helped grow the population of these beloved, adorable creatures and keep them from becoming endangered. At the farm, you can interact with the turtles by holding them, feeding them, and even swimming with them. AhhhH!!

We went snorkeling every day while on Grand Cayman. You can snorkel right off the beach anywhere on 7 Mile Beach and see tons of sea life. This was my favorite beach and snorkeling spot, Smith's Cove. I loved the beauty of this beach and saw such a variety of creatures while snorkeling...from squid to huge parrot fish, this spot is hard to beat unless you go out to the reef.

govenor's beach was a recommended snorkeling spot that we didn't see much at. We did however, have lots of fun in the sand that day.

Cayman Kai is on the North Side of the Island and the farthest point to drive from where we stayed. We wanted to check out the "quieter" side of the island and see how it compared to the west side where we were staying. We snorkeled this beach off the very tip of Cayman Kai, called Starfish Point by the locals. We obviously found a lot of starfish!! The area was beautiful, but we decided that our favorite part of the island is just south of Georgetown-the area that surrounds Smith's Cove.

This is the portion of 7 Mile Beach that we stayed on. It was right outside our condo and a nice place to relax and swim. The white sand, temperate water, and forever view are hard to beat on this beach!

We chartered a boat for a day and did a little fishing, some snorkeling on the reef, and visited Stingray City. Fisherman used to clean their daily catch on this sandbar and the rays began to flock to the area for free meals. When they see boats heading for the sandbar, the rays continue to follow the boats in anticipating a feeding and they are usually right. Squid is delish!

We had a blast and highly recommend this vacation spot for a close, carribbean getaway. The total flying time from Dallas was less than 4 hours. A Family of 5 can easily spend 5 fulls days enjoying the beach, water sports, and the other activities that this little island offers.