Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More Spring Fun

As promised, I am posting MORE pictures and I am actually going to do it in a reasonable time frame. And by reasonable, I mean the VERY NEXT DAY. I'm feeling good about it! Avery's baptism is first: A few more Avery bday pix next. She had 7 of her friends sleepover and we went to dinner and pedis because, well, that's just what Avery Lou wanted to do. Avery is her mother's daughter Addy went to her first unchaperoned concert in May. Her and her 3 besties got to see Death Cab For Cutie live at the SMU campus auditorium in Dallas. After the concert, Addy, Annie G., Annie T., Kendall, Rhonda (my bud) and myself all stayed the night in a posh hotel just a few minutes off campus so we wouldn't have to drive home super late. What a fun night!!! Addy is still talking about how amazing it was. Addy is also her mother's daughter(; I don't think I enjoyed anything more than a good concert as a teenager and Addy will definitely follow in those footsteps. We celebrated Mother's Day with my parents and with Rhonda and Annie G. Rhonda's husband had to be out of town for work so her and Annie joined our little gathering. We had a very nice dinner, delicious pies for dessert, and great family time. I love having my mom here. Tear! John's mom came to visit for a few days for Avery's baptism and the kids loved that. We took Karen to one of our all time favorite places, Fossil Rim. We love this animal safari and had a particularly great experience this time around. Check it out: Guess who graduated to middle school??? Yep, our very own Hug E. B., Aidyn. Last week we got to watch him walk the halls of Blanton Elementary for the last time. I can't believe how big he's getting!! Pretty soon he will start talking like a man and I'm so not ready for that. Between him going to middle school and Addy going to High school AND Addy just getting back from her first session ever of EFY at BYU UT, I am feeling pretty darn old. Can't believe how time flies. Aidyn had a ragin' Grad Party last Thursday night to celebrate. It was his first boy girl party ever and 26 kids later, I can honestly say I had a blast! What a great group of kids, raised right by their parents with first class manners and appropriate, respectful behavior. 5 hours with that many kids over could have been a disaster but their wasn't one problem. I'm so grateful to live in the community we do. Congrats Blanton 5th graders!! What a great year.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hello, my name is Amy Stevens, and I'm a Pinterest addict

I have been such a blog slacker!!!! All my extra time has been completely sucked up by the black hole of Pinterest. I totally admit that I have an addiction so at least I can achieve step one of recovery. I've got step two's step 3 I'm having trouble with(; I'm not quite ready to turn this one over to God just yet. Anyway, here's some stuff we've been a doin::::::: Easter awesomeness!! Addy helped me create these great tables for both the adults and children. Couldn't have done it without you Addy!! Or you, Pinterest. We enjoyed a wonderful Easter celebration with family and friends. Mom and dad, the Bigelow Family, the Faris Family, the Garland Family, the Moffit Family, and the Talley Family all pitched in to make dinner fantastic and the egg hunt memorable. And last but definitely not least, baby girl Avery Ann turned 8 on April 28th. We partied from after school on April 27th until sundown on April 28th. She was baptized by her daddy on May 19th at the LDS church in Highland Village. So many great people came to support her and show their love. I could not be more blessed with amazing friends and family in my life. What a magical day for the Stevens. In her journal, she wrote about her special day. She ended her entry with the following 2 sentences, "When I got baptized today it was the best day ever. I'm not even joking." Hahahaha! She is the silliest goof ball ever. Pictures in the next post!!! They are not downloaded from my camera yet.