Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Finally we know

Well, it has been a long and grueling summer of wondering "are we" or "aren't we". First we were, then we weren't sure, and it seems like it took forever to go through the process with relocation to get a buy-out. Then negotiations with Sprint and finally we are here. We found out yesterday; we finally have clarification that we ARE moving to Dallas. There are definitely some mixed feeling going around at our house. As glas as we are to have an answer, we are all really, really bummed to be moving away from this area right now. We had really hoped that we would get at least another 2 years here. But we have been praying since March that the Lord would lead us in the direction we need to go so we have complete faith that Dallas is the right move. John and I will leave next Thursday to go house hunting and the kids will stay with friends. We aren't sure when the official move will take place. Definitely by the 3rd week of August, but I am hoping to get us down there by the first week of August. The kids start school on the 25th so we need to get out booties in gear. Pray for us to find a house on this upcoming trip. Please pray that all the other relocation procedures go smoothly for our family as well and that there are no more hang-ups. Since this is our second relo within a year, we just want to get over with and move forward. All right, enough sad stuff.

We had a super fun fourth of July! The local minor league team in KC is called the T-bones. They had a game on the 4th so we went out there with our friends, the VanOrmans. When we got there, the GA seating we had purchased tickets for was completely filled. There was absolutely no where to sit on the lawn where we were supposed to be. But, thanks to some awesome sweet talking by Karina, we got the best seats in the house. We sat right above the dug-out for the entire game! The kids absolutely loved it and I got some great pics I will post. After the game, we got to watch an amazing fireworks show! They let off the fireworks from the Nascar stadium which is right next to the ballpark. It was one of the best displays I have ever seen. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Happy Independence Day!