Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Spring!

Things are getting warmer and looking greener. Allergies are here!!! Hurray!!! Not. Well, at least when I'm feeling like crap, I can use my time wisely and update my blog. Recently, in Stevens' news we have Addy's 14th birthday! Avery's first dance competition!!! And a fun Mother/Daughter night out with Craaaaaaaazy Jaimee!!!
Hahaha!! Enjoy ~

Avery dances for the Excite Gym dance team and here are a few pictures of her before her first competition. Their dance routine is called "Shipwrecked" and consists of several different dances choreographed to an oceanic dream theme. Avery is a shark in her dance.

Girls Night Out!! We had a blast updating Jaimee's Facebook page at PF Chang's while she was visiting the ladies room. However, a bizarre twist of fate caused her to get on her facebook page and she totally found us out!!! Can you say DELETE!!! I think we almost gave her Aunt a heart attack. The picture below is actually NOT her reaction to our post. Our friend Rhonda decided to treat us to a little Donny Osmond (her idol since she was 7) in her car on the way home and Jaimee is totally feeling the Donny-osity. Bailee, not so much.

Addy's 14th bday was so fun!! We had a "Psych" party as a tribute to Addy and our favorite television series. Shawn and Gus would have been proud. We took the girls to Babe's for the best fried chicken ever, then came home for cake, ice cream, gifts, pranking fun, and a sleep over. JP and Seth were the 2 boys chosen for pranking honors. What a couple of good sports!!! Addy has such a great group of friends. Hurray for no sleepover drama!!

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