Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Aruba pics

As promised from my last post, here are a few Aruba pics. If I get more from Jaimee in the near future, I will post those too. Phillip's Wildlife Preserve. Phillip has taken all the unwanted animals from two Aruba animal based attractions that shut down. He cares for these animals at his preserve and allows visitors to enjoy them. Stop by and make a donation if you are ever in Aruba! Silly animals at the preserve Momma and baby Capuchin Monkeys Hilarious kangaroo!! This is his version of Gangnam Style We stopped at this gorgeous cove to body surf during our 4 wheel adventure excursion. Paradise!! more body surfing in Secret Cove we rented 4 wheelers for most of our 2nd day and drove up along the NW side of Aruba. It was breathtaking!! So many gorgeous forgotten beaches, mountains, interesting greenery, chapels, rock formations and more. There was even an old ruin of a gold refinery built back in the 1800s. Wish Rock Garden was another extra cool spot. Over the decades people have made the trek to this area to build their wish cairns and make wishes that obviously come true. Seriously!! Holy Snikes!! Iguanas were rampant on Aruba!! They were everywhere in all shapes, sizes, and colors. And as you can see, they enjoy being fed. Our first day, we went on a snorkeling excursion on this cool ship called "The Jolly Pirate". I think we enjoyed the sunbathing and company more than the snorkeling. Such a fun day with friends. Ok, this picture is on the Jolly Pirate. There is a rope swing on the boat that allows you to swing out over the water where you can drop in. Super cool, right? Well this crazy deckhand that you see with ME on his back has decided it's a good idea to take unsuspecting woman, get them to climb on his back, swing out over the water, and FLIP IN MID AIR (with said woman still on his back!!!) then drop into the water below. Yikes!! Totally fun BTW(; Sexiest guys on the island, right here folks. The picture of Sam and Jaimee at the bottom was taken at an awesome restaurant called the "Flying Fishbone". You actually eat out on the beach with your feet in the sand. As it gets dark, they turn spotlights on over the water and fish start swimming in so you can watch them as you eat. And the food, wow. Best food I've eaten in a long time. I was really impressed by this place. This picture was taken en route to Houston en route to Aruba. If you have the chance to stop by Buckee's, you better take it!!

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Nice picture! Looks like a wonderful trip....
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