Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We are just going to skip right past summer!!!

Well, we had a great summer. I didn't post anything during the summer months which is unfortunate. Sadly, I am too lazy to go back and add a blog post for the summer. There would be Waaaaaayyyyy too many pictures involved in that undertaking. Maybe someday(: It's fall here in Texas!! Yay! My favorite time of the year!!! Addy is a freshman, Aidyn is a 6th grader in middle school, and Avery is a 3rd grader. So far, school is going well. We just finished Halloween craziness and now we are moving right along into Thanksgiving. Aidyn had a HUGE party, the likes of which will never be seen here at chateau Stevens again. 45 kids equals way too many. But, no casualties or ER visits so all in all, a successful evening that we are all glad is over. ha!! Enjoy the pics!! John and I got back from a fun trip in Aruba a few weeks ago. We went with our close family friends, the Moffits. We had such a blast!! All of Aidyn's Halloweener friends! plus or minus a few The withered corpse game! Love it!! Bag up different foods and label them as different body parts. Have the kids try and guess which food each body part is. Super funny to watch their facial expressions. This fun Halloween party doubled as a bday party for one of Aidyn's best friens. James Boles is pretty much family around here and his bday just happens to be on Halloween. Happy Birthday Jamesey Booboo! Since we didn't have enough seats, we decided an outside picnic dinner was a perfect alternative to eating inside. Lucky for us, it was 80 degrees in TX this Halloween. Party friends Avery was part of the party this year. She just wants to be one of the big kids. She got to trick or treat with her friend Katherine whose brother attended Aidyn's party. Worked out well! This was Addy's group of friends who decided to stop by and enjoy dinner. The more the merrier! Addy trying to decide between costumes. She went with Doctor Who. Just don't ask me the name of the character

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